Our Mission

We will engage with our community to improve individual and community capacity for health and self determination, prevention of illness, and early detection and management of diseases with the aim of reducing avoidable hospitalisations and deaths, reducing disease risks, improving work participation, individual and family well-being and overall quality of life.

To achieve our vision we will deliver:

  1. A high quality coordinated range of health services to meet the needs and priorities of the community within Merrylands Family Practice catchment area;
  2. Integrated models of preventative care, ambulatory care, chronic disease management, clinical governance, and community engagement and development;
  3. Shared care using protocols with a focus on community, inter-professional and patient partnerships in care;
  4. Responsiveness to the local community including all ethnic, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and older Australians needs for health and wellbeing related care;
  5. Accessible, culturally appropriate and affordable care to all patients.
  6. Support for integrated preventive health care and the promotion of healthy lifestyles with regular community forums, newsletters, health screenings and an informative, relevant website;
  7. An efficient and effective electronic clinical information system to enable medical records to be available to all relevant practitioners with patients’ consent and to enable proper clinical governance;
  8. A quality work environment with clinical sessions, multidisciplinary case management, teaching activities and primary health care research projects to attract and retain the best possible workforce;
  9. Fully accredited services to RACGP Standards and allied health accreditation standards and participation in the Australian Primary Care Collaborative Program;
  10. A viable, sustainable and efficient business model;
  11. High quality education and training opportunities;
  12. Co-ordination with other health services to strengthen local primary health care.


Values and Philosophies of Merrylands Family Practice

Our values are:

  1. We want to build a vibrant organisation that embodies all of the important human values – trust, reciprocity, integrity, respect, dignity, courtesy, fairness and social responsibility;
  2. Give every community member, participating health professional and employee a chance to contribute;
  3. Treat every patient as a family;
  4. Support, empower, and appropriately reward all participants and employees;
  5. Build long term creative relationships with all local health and social care organisations in our community;
  6. Train extensively and constantly to build and reinforce our vision.
  7. Pay close attention to detail;
  8. Progress is imagining, working, building a better way to deliver health and wellbeing;
  9. Succeeding as a team while excelling as individuals.